homeowner-initiated program

If a residential homeowner wants to hire a contractor and remove the existing lead service line, the City of Chicago is launching a program to waive the permit fees for the project. This could amount to a savings of up to $5,000. Additionally, the City will attach the new service line to the water main and provide a free water meter for the contractor to install, if there isn't already one in place. To qualify, the request for the fee waiver must be a standalone and not made in conjunction with a home renovation or expansion.

*Commercial and mixed use residential/commercial locations are not eligible at this time.

Homeowner-Initiated Program

Verify service  line material

Determine if you have a lead service line. Check your service line for lead provides a few easy steps to determine if your service line is lead.


Visit the list of licensed plumbers to select a contractor. Be sure to ask these screening questions when interviewing contractors.

Permit Fee Waiver

The contractor will notify Department of Buildings that this is a LSLR project eligible for permit fee waivers. *Contractors can upload their documents (water bill, picture of property, CDOT permit) to the Department of Buildings here.

* Additional permits and permit fees may be required from other agencies, such as IDOT, depending on the location of the home.

Construction Coordination

Meet with the contractor prior to commencing work to review how the work will be done and how much restoration will be performed.

Complete  LSLR

The contractor will complete the LSLR and meter installation, if necessary. A City Inspector will review the installation, and Water Management Staff will connect the new service line into the water main. Flush your water per instructions. Using filters that are NSF-53 certified to remove lead is recommended for the first three months after any construction work.

Follow-Up Water Testing

Receive free follow-up lead testing of your water by calling 311 or going to to have a kit mailed to you.

Select your own plumber or refer to the list of plumbing contractors licensed to work in Chicago here. A list of suggested questions you may want to ask when choosing a plumbing contractor here.

More information on this program here.

This program is accepting applications.

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